Are you having financial problems? Do you have a debt that you would prefer to pay back quickly? Do you want money to pay for your college education? Want to tie the knot but have a budget that is not in the best shape? Or is it simply that you want to have a comfortable night out with your friends, without putting a dent in your pocket?

If any of the above sounds familiar, then we have planned five ideal moves that can help you in comfortably saving a $100 every month:

1.     Review your car insurance policy

Increasing the deductibles is the best thing you can do to make your car policy more economical in minimum time. Unfortunately, there is no way for it to be increased excessively. The highest limit, to which you can raise the deductible, is $500. You can save as much as $40 per month by increasing the deductibles.

2.     Reorder your culinary preferences

Americans spend a lot of money on food. In addition to their groceries’ expenditure, they spend a lot on eating out as well. If you are among them, then this is the time to take care of your wallet by finalizing a particular menu, which is not only delicious but also economical.

What you have to do is plan the menu for at least 15 days ahead and buy the groceries accordingly. In addition to meals, make sure to include one snack for the day as well. This will help you save above $100. Moreover, try to control your expenditures on lunch at work. Instead of buying meals, take your own lunch from home. It will be healthier as well as saving you around a $20 per week.

3.     Improve your bad habits

We all have them, no matter how hard we may deny them. But do you know that quitting smoking can save you up to $24 per month? Or that cutting out alcohol consumption can save a whopping $100 each month? While the economic benefit will be a relief, the health benefits are also a greater source of satisfaction, not only for you but also for your family and friends. Controlling your impulsive shopping habits can further save you much more than a $100 per month.

4.     Become tech savvy

This may sound strange but using the internet more, can help you save more than a $100 on a monthly basis. When you can view all your favorite programs on Netflix and Hulu, for $7 to $12 per month with online streaming, then what is the point of paying $126 to your cable operator?

5.     Save on auto financing

The rates for auto finance have decreased to a significant extent. Moreover, it allows room for a better credit score. This way tech stocks that could explode, you get to refinance your car at a much lower cost. As a result, you will also be saving a lot of money per month.

These are a few great tips that can help you save above a $100 per month. Following them will surely help you in managing your finances and goals easily.