If you haven’t been introduced to reliable online payday loans service then there is a high chance that you might stumble on one that is not as reliable as you might think. This can result in poor service, or even cash loss or other serious problems. You probably heard about 100dayLoans, NetLoanUSA and 24/7Loan, but there are other reliable online payday loans sites that will provide you with excellent service. Those other sites are my main subject in this particular article.


LendUp is a first service provider of this kind on the list. It is different from three aforementioned service providers because it gives its own loans, while they connect lenders and borrowers. A lot of payday loan providers on the market operate like LendUp, but there is a reason they made it to the top of the business. Main advantage of LendUp is their fairly low APR and reward system through which you can lower that APR over time.

Several beginner loans go up to 250 dollars and if you return them in time then you will become eligible to loans that go up to 1 000 dollars. APR for your first loan will be 406 percent, in dollars it will be 17 dollars per 100 dollars taken. As you repay loans it will drop to 36 percent over time. When looked at other sites that provide payday loans, this is fairly low interest rate.unsecured-loan


RISE also offers reward system to lower your APR, but their main fault is in the lack of mail response of inquiries. This reward system will lower your APR from 360 percent which is maximum to 125 percent which is minimum. They are also known due to the fact that they provide loans up to 5 000 dollars to borrowers that are considered as reliable. If you are able to repay your loan before the end of the repayment period you will receive additional points for that practice.

    The fact that they do not answer on mails from their customers Is a very bad sign if you ask me. Quality customer support is always important, especially when it involves money transfers.  I, for one, would never take a loan from an online service that disregards mails as customer support. But it is up to you to decide whether it is smart to do business with that kind of site.

  Loans  Check into Cash is one of the original online payday lending sites, and they have office branches is 21 USA states. They are direct lenders, so all business is done between you and them, and there are not third party lenders involved.

   Main downside of Check Into Cash is the fact that their loans are not approved in short time after your application. You will fill the application which will be confirmed over  phone, but money will arrive in over 24 hours which is too long in this business.

    The fact that Check Into Cash doesn’t require certain income amount over which you are eligible for their loans is big plus.